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Global Study
Алматы, ул. Курмангазы 145 (офис 239) Астана, ул. Иманова 19 (офис 502 В)

Anglo European School of English

Anglo European is located in its own grounds, a short walk from the town centre and the beaches, and close to the popular residential area of Charminster, where much of our student accommodation is based. The railway and bus stations are a few minutes walk, and there are shops and cafes nearby.The School has nine classrooms, a computer suite, a canteen serving hot and cold food and drinks, and some on-site car parking. COURSE TYPES: You may choose to study for 20, 30 or 40 lessons per week. LEVELS: - Foundation Designed for students who know little or no English, the emphasis is on oral English and reading of basic texts. Successful students will be able to conduct simple conversations and have a knowledge of simple English structures. - Elementary Here the foundations of the language are expanded and many more everyday situations are introduced. Students will be able to ask simple questions, express their needs and understand basic texts. - Pre-Intermediate Here we focus on understanding everyday spoken English at normal speed, expressing ideas clearly and reading a variety of common texts. The main structures of the language will be generally used and understood. - Intermediate At this level, most everyday English conversation at normal speed can be understood, together with reading many texts without the help of a dictionary. Structures and vocabulary which depend on context will be used. - Upper Intermediate More subtle distinctions in spoken and written English can be explored, and a sound command of English structure should be obtained. Everyday conversations and common accents will be understood without difficulty. - Advanced Students learn to discriminate in matters of style, shades of expression and implied meanings. Fluency and accuracy to near-native standard is the objective, plus a wide and specialist vocabulary for a variety of contexts.

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