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Education in Italy. The Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD)

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Education in Italy. The Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD)

The Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD), Department of istituto Cife Registred Provider of Education, founded in Naples in 1988, is the first in the Southern Italy to provide undergraduate and post graduate education in the field of Visual Communication, Fashion and Design.
The ISD mission is to provide the students with the cultural and technical means to progress their passion to a professional level in the with their aspirations and the demands of the workplace.

The General Courses and special Masters of ISD give students the opportunity to get an up-to-date and tailored professional training by means of:
- Tutelage involves not only research but also the preparation of the students by their involvement in real projects. The students therefore learn not only the theory of design but also the reality of how it is applied in the world of today. All of this is geared of progressing their individual interests knowledge and skill;
- Innovative teaching combines long experience with the most advanced teaching methods. The students have the opportunity to build their own learning path through the combination of many different experiences: visits to and stages at building sites, factories, research centres, special workshops and regular meetings with designers, renowned for their competence and commitment.
- Fruitful co-operations with the institutions, the world of industry, craftsmen and professional associations, in order to adjust the contents of its teaching to the transformations of the market, of the new marketable goods and the changing models of comfort;
Today, thousands of ex-students of our courses, hold important roles within fashion and design companies and they have achieved huge successes in the professional and artistic fields in Europe and worldwide.
A multi-ethnic environment, a variety of culture and exchange opportunities characterise life and atmosphere at the ISD where the 10% of its students coming from different countries in Europe and Worldwide.
The ISD collaborates with some of the most important associated design universities and schools in the world and with important companies.
Through the wide range of its activities - exhibitions, conferences, and workshops - ISD means to promote itself as a centre for innovation and experimentation both on the national and international level.

Programmes and courses
The ranges of courses offered include: three-year academic courses, one year Intensive academic courses, one-year master courses, and summer Courses.

Academic Courses (for the first year)

Three years graduate courses for student who have high-school diploma or equivalent permitting university admission, wish to acquire a complete training and have no specific basic knowledge:

Faculty Duration Tution fee euro
Graphic Design 3 years 6000
Media Design 3 years 6000
Interior Design 3 years 6000
Industrial Design 3 years 6000
Fashion Design 3 years 6000
Fashion Stylist 3 years 6000
Fashion Management 3 years 6000

Enrolment fee euro 1200

Master Courses

One-year postgraduate courses for students who already have strong previous education in the field but wish to attend an advanced specialised programme:

Faculty Duration Tution fee euro
Graphic Design 1 year 8000
Media Design 1 year 8000
Interior Design 1 year 8000
Industrial Design 1 year 8000
Fashion Design 1 year 8000

Enrolment fee euro 1600

Intensive Courses

One year academic courses for students who have no specific basic knowledge, wish to acquire a complete training and have limited time availability:

Faculty Duration Tution fee euro
Graphic Design 1 year 7000
Media Design 1 year 7000
Interior Design 1 year 7000
Industrial Design 1 year 7000
Fashion Design 1 year 7000

Enrolment fee euro 1400

Summer Courses

One-month courses are structured in a way that offers a significant and complete experience in the field:

Faculty Duration Tution fee euro
Graphic Design 1 month 1500
Media Design 1 month 1500
Interior Design 1 month 1500
Industrial Design 1 month 1500
Fashion Design 1 month 1500

Enrolment fee euro 300

Italian Language Courses

One month course to attend all programmes without any comprehension problem.
Enrolment fee euro 200 Tution fee euro 1000

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