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Education in Great Britain. The Abbey College - Summer Vacation course


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Education in Great Britain. The Abbey College - Summer Vacation courseThree separate Age Groups

Adults (18+ years)

The specialised adult programme combines the benefits of our facilities and excursions with lessons in small classes, appropriate for the mature student, for whatever purpose business or otherwise the individual requires. At all times the majority of students in the class are over 18. Students can either join in activities with our younger students or choose from a variety of leisure interests exclusive to them, organised by the adult activities coordinator. Students needing to stay in touch with their office or family can of course do so using the Internet, e-mail, fax or telephones. Adults over 21 are guaranteed a single room. Adults also have a separate common room.

Teens (12-17 Years)
Our Easter and Summer courses for Teens, the most popular age group, enable teenagers to improve their English language skills, to experience life in Britain and to participate in fun and social activities with a variety of friends from our international community. Standard accommodation is on campus in shared rooms. Mature students over 16 may on occasion be moved to Adult classes. Our staff carefully supervise students at all times. The various cultures, languages and interests of the young students on our Teen courses lead to an atmosphere and spirit that we feel is unparalleled by any other Summer School programme in the country. Many students make deep and lasting friendships and return year after year to experience yet again the learning and fun that they can have here on Summer School courses.

Children (8-11 years)
For the younger student, aged between 8 and 11 years, we provide an excellent opportunity to learn English in a highly structured and closely supervised environment. Teachers, activity leaders and welfare staff are all chosen for their experience in dealing with younger students. The children?s programme leads to students improving their English, participating in a host of special activities, making friends and enjoying life in England in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

others programs available at Abbey College:

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